reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Show Organiser
Photos by Terry A Tuxford

THE 15th Show of the Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show received a slight increase in total entry to 996 which was up by 14 from last year's entry of which a total of 759 birds were benched from 86 exhibitors. The atmosphere, once again, was of enjoyment, socialisation and relaxation at this national event, which is difficult to achieve in staging a one-day show. The show received its usual sponsorship from Rosettes R uss, who sponsored the rosettes for the show as well as from Les & Pat Martin who sponsored the cost of the ceramic awards. Other sponsorship was also received from Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser, Jerry Donovan, Gren & Pat Norris, Fanciers Sales Stand and Changing Times Ceramics. Fanciers were generous with their donation of birds for the raffle and the Show Committee extends its sincere gratitude to the following: Amos & Thumwood, W & L Bancroft, K. Bennett, D & B Bunyan, S & R Clarke, R. Day, S. Gilson, Mrs. J. Hill, B & M Hough & Sewell & Harvey.

The Budgerigar Society continued their support to the Specialist Societies by granting special patronage with grade A challenge certificates in both adult and young bird sections. The six specialist societies, the ten area societies and Budgerigar World gave special support, for which the committee extends its gratitude.

Apart from our regular fanciers from Scotland, Wales and Jersey, who travelled long distances to be with us, we also had the pleasure of our regular overseas visitors from Holland & Germany.

Our Guest of Honour was Gren Norris, President of the Budgerigar Society and the Variegated BC, whom we were delighted to welcome to present trophies to the respective winners. Our overseas judge, Dewayne Weldon, from the USA also presented special gold, silver and bronze medals, on behalf of his national society the Budgerigar Association of America, to the winners of the Any Other Colour section that he judged.

Next year's show will be staged on 28th & 29th June (week 26) and it will be a first in the country where all female judges have been invited to adjucate at the show; Janice Al-Nasser, Lyn Bancroft, Sue Clarke, Margaret Dark, Bev Hutt, Pat Norris & Marion Wixon.


aalut2002.jpg (17405 bytes)
Ian Fordham

yblut2002.jpg (16331 bytes)
Jerry Donovan

Roy Aplin judged the 145 lutinos and awarded the adult C.C., best Lutino and best Redeye in Show to an outstanding and powerful hen of quality which showed itself to full advantage and belonged to Ian Fordham.  A smart cock in good condition was in second place for Master M. L. Clarke, followed by Amos & Thumwood's stylish but down on colour cock of good size.

Jerry Donovan won the award for best Lutino young bird and best Redeye young bird in show with an outstanding mature cock of good colour. Amos & Thumwood were in second place with a smart hen. Terry Sadler was third with a good coloured cock. Best junior lutino any age (best junior any age in show) and young bird was M. L. Clarke.

aaalb2002.jpg (16106 bytes)
P McGrath

ybalb2002.jpg (14405 bytes)
Drake & Garrod

Ron Payne judged the 75 albinos and the Best Albino in Show went to the beginner P. McGrath's adult cock of solid substance and deep mask. Maurice Roberts was second with a well-presented cock of good colour. Drake & Garrod were third with a stylish hen. Ben Harvey was best junior any age in this colour.

Drake & Garrod won the young Albino award with a stylish cock of quality but was let down by slight head pin feathers. Kerry Russ had a stylish hen in good condition to be placed second (also best junior young bird in show). The novice partnership of N & B Whitlock were third with a cock that displayed some blue suffusion.


aayw2002.jpg (19852 bytes)
Hughes & Proctor

ybyw2002.jpg (17887 bytes)
Guppy & Barnes

Steve Lambert judged both the Yellow-wings and Whitewings and picked the top awards from the Whitewings. There were 56 Yellow-wings and 51 Whitewings entered.

The adult yellow-wing award went to Hughes & Proctor dark green cock of good colour contrast and head quality. A.J. Minchin occupied second spot with a dark green cock, a good all round bird but slightly soft. Guppy & Barnes were third with a powerful dark green hen but slightly out of condition.

The best yellow-wing in show came from the young bird section with the Guppy & Barnes partnership light green cock of good size and deportment. Ben Dufosee from the novice section was second with a good all round green cock. This was followed by another quality bird from the Guppy & Barnes partnership with a good contrast coloured dark green hen.

aaww2002.jpg (17438 bytes)
Roger Day

ybww2002.jpg (19926 bytes)
Roger Day

Roger Day returned to his old glory by winning the best adult Whitewing C.C. and best Clearwing in Show with a powerful violet hen of wide shoulders but lacking slightly on colour. Hughes & Proctor occupied second spot with a cobalt cock benched in good condition while B. Dufosee skyblue cock was in third place.

Roger Day came to the fore again winning the young bird C.C. and best Clearwing young bird in show with a powerful cobalt cock and followed in second place by another quality skyblue hen. Christine Angus-Smith was third with a quality cobalt cock. Ben Harvey won both awards in this variety.


aacrest2002.jpg (19395 bytes)
Cliff & Darrell Jones

ybcrest2002.jpg (21060 bytes)
Steve Sewell and John Harvey

Andy Thorpe judged the 67 Crests (a drop of 22 but the 4th highest benched variety) and awarded the adult C.C. and Best Crest in Show to Cliff & Darrell Jones's circular opaline cinnamon light green cock. An excellent quality bird and staged in top condition. Arthur Miller occupied second spot with another quality circular opaline cinnamon violet cock but not in the same excellent condition as the winner. A circular dark green hen from the Jersey Mark & Hazel Richard partnership was third. The Jones partnership also won the best tuft any age award.

Steve Sewell and John Harvey from the novice section won the young bird section for the second year with a circular dark green hen of good size staged in good condition and sporting a strong crest. Mark & Hazel Richard occupied second and third spots with a good quality circular opaline dark green hen and circular light green cock. Sewell & Harvey won the tufted young bird award.


aaspang2002.jpg (17851 bytes)
Ian Clarke

ybsp2002.jpg (17942 bytes)
Ian Clarke

Two firsts were established when Stuart Forbes, president & chairman of the Spangled BBA, judged the 128 spangles. Both challenge certificates were awarded to the same exhibitor, Ian Clarke and also, for the first time, both winners were double factor spangle whites. The best any age award went to Ian's late-bred buff double factor white hen with tremendous face and depth of mask. Les & Pat Martin were second with a cinnamon grey hen of well-defined wing marking and bulls-eye spots. A grey green cock of substance, wide shoulders and well-defined marking was third for the C & D Jones stud.

The second first was made when Ian won the young bird award and Best Spangle in Show with a tremendous double factor white cock, the brother to the adult hen. This wonderful bird had a great face and good lift above the eye and was of good colour. The bird was steady and was a pleasure to judge. The Jones partnership were second with a grey green cock, slightly smaller than the winner but of good marking and spots. A double factor yellow cock was third for the beginner J. Ward. A stylish bird well shaped but not of the size of the first two. The opposite sex hen was a grey green of Jerry Donovan. Sadly there were no juniors exhibiting this popular variety


aadpied2002.jpg (19698 bytes)
Les & Pat Martin

 ybdp2002.jpg (19778 bytes)
Gren & Pat Norris

Andy Thorpe judged the 69 dominant pieds and awarded Les & Pat Martin's grey green cock best dominant pied and best pied in show. This was a superb bird with good frontal rise and width of face, a good example of variety markings and shown in excellent condition. Gren & Pat Norris, renowned for their winning pieds at this show, were second with a cinnamon violet cock, last year's winner. A quality bird but not in perfect feather condition on the day. J.W. Mitchell, from the novice section, was third with a light green cock, another quality bird but lacking the top cap of the first two winners. Best hen, a light green, came from the beginner section belonging to Sandra Vickers. Ian & Pat Fielding's violet cock won best clearflight any age and best clearflight in show.

The Norris's partnership has always won best of colour awards with dominant pieds at this show and this year, in Gren's presidential year, was no exception. They won the young bird award with an opaline grey green hen of good width of face and shoulders and shown in superb condition. Their opaline yellowface skyblue cock was third best. P. McGrath, from the beginner section, was the runner up with a grey hen of good variety marking and staged in good condition. Maurice Roberts won the clearflight young bird award. Ben Harvey won both the junior awards.


aarpied2002.jpg (15723 bytes)
Amos & Thumwood

 ybrpied2002.jpg (19021 bytes)
M. Mitchinson

Ron Payne judged the 65 recessive pieds, which was a slight drop in entry from last year. He awarded Amos & Thumwood's light green cock the adult C.C. and best recessive pied in show. A bird with good variety marking. Bill & Lyn Bancroft were second with a dark green hen of good condition. Keith Bennett was third with his grey green cock, last year's winner, of good size. Best dark-eyed clear any age, a white cock, belonged to the Fielding partnership.

M. Mitchinson, intermediate, won the young bird C.C. with a violet cock of good size but slightly heavy on the wings. He also occupied third place with a dark green cock. A violet hen from E. & J. Young was second, a good-sized bird but heavy on the wing marking. M. Mitchinson's white cock was best young dark-eyed clear and best overall.


aayf2002.jpg (20295 bytes)
Gren & Pat Norris

 ybyf2002.jpg (19791 bytes)
Gren & Pat Norris

Nick Flavell judged the 45 yellowfaces, which was a slight drop in entry from last year and awarded a double for BS president Gren & Pat Norris. Their large grey cock was the overall best yellowface in show, a bird with good head and depth of mask and shown in immaculate condition. J. Mitchell was second with a cobalt cock, a good all round bird but lacking the power of the winner. Ricky Watts had a yellowface albino hen in third position. Best rainbow any age and best rainbow in show was a skyblue hen from Christine Angus-Smith. Ben Harvey won the junior any age award.

A cinnamon cobalt hen from the Norris' stud took the young bird C.C. A large bird with good head quality and deep mask. Mrs. J. Ward, a beginner, had a cobalt hen in second place, another bird of quality. An opaline cinnamon grey cock of Ricky Watts was third. A long bird with good depth of mask and large spots.


aarare2002.jpg (19426 bytes)
Dennis & Beryl Bunyan

 ybrare2002.jpg (18272 bytes)
Dennis & Beryl Bunyan

Nick Flavell judged the 55 Rares and the best of the Rares was an adult clearbody opaline grey cock belong to Dennis & Beryl Bunyan. A very striking bird, well spotted and staged in good condition. Another clearbody, a good length light green cock, belong to Amos & Thumwood was in second place. Damon Mullee, a novice, staged a blue english fallow hen in third place. A good all round bird for the variety and very pleasing to see a fallow doing well. Ben Harvey was best of the junior any age with a german fallow.

The Bunyan's won their second BOC award with a young clearbody grey green cock of good size, depth of mask and staged in good condition. This was followed by a clearbody grey cock from the beginner section of J. Ward. A slate hen from Mick Holland was third best. Emma Canham was the best junior in this section with a clearbody.

Best English Fallow, D. Mullee; best German Fallow, B. Harvey; best Slate, M. Holland; Best Clearbody, D. & B. Bunyan; best Saddleback, G. & J. Al-Nasser.


aaaoc2002.jpg (18286 bytes)
Les & Pat Martin

 ybaoc2002.jpg (17764 bytes)
Gren & Pat Norris

This large section with eight different varieties was no challenge for our overseas guest judge Dewayne Weldon from the USA. He is renown for his quality dilutes and greywings in the States. However, he was still impressed with the quality of some of the 136 that he had to judge, which was an increase in entry. He awarded the adult C.C. and best overall to a grey yellow cock of Les & Pat Martin. This was an outstanding and stylish bird with a tremendous blow, a magnificent showman, staged in top condition. Terry Sadler was second with another super lacewing yellow cock with a tremendous type and deportment with good variety content. Martin Bagnall's greywing light green cock was third, another quality bird for its variety but was not in the same condition as the winner. The best hen, a lacewing, was belong to the novice Jan Hill. Best junior any age in this section was Ben Harvey with a suffused white.

Gren & Pat Norris won the young bird C.C., and their fourth, with an opaline violet hen. A well-balanced bird with good back skull. Ricky Watts had a lacewing opaline yellow hen in second place, a good-sized bird but lacking the substance of the winner. Another lacewing yellow hen from the beginner H. Craggs was in third place. The best of the cocks in this section was Terry Sadler's lacewing opaline yellow cock.

Best Olive, M. Bagnall; best Mauve, R. & E. Whattam; Best Violet, Amos & Thumwood; best Lacewing, T. Sadler; best Greywing, M. Bagnall; best Yellow, L. & P. Martin; best White, H. & M. Hough; best Opaline/Cinnamon Clearwing, Mrs. C. Angus-Smith.


Only two teams were benched and the best was a team of lutinos from N. & B. Whitlock followed by Jan Hill's team of slates.

Best Of Colour Awards

Colour Any Age Young Bird
Lutino I Fordham J Donovan
Albino P McGrath Drake & Garrod
Yellow-wing Hughes & Proctor D Guppy & D Barnes
Whitewing R Day R Day
Crest C & D Jones Sewell & Harvey
Spangle I Clarke I Clarke
Dominant Pied L & P Martin G & P Norris
Recessive Pied Amos & Thumwood M W Mitchinson
Yellowface G & P Norris G & P Norris
Rare D & B Bunyan D & B Bunyan
AOC L & P Martin G & P Norris

junaa2002.jpg (16464 bytes)
M L Clarke


Kerry Russ