Report by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Show Organiser
Budgerigar Photos by Terry A Tuxford

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The Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show was staged with a slight difference when the show committee invited Janice Al-Nasser, Lyn Bancroft, Sue Clarke, Beverly Hutt, Pat Norris and Marion Wixon to judge this 16th Show making it the first championship show in Britain to engage all women judges. In responding to this FIRST, the ladies entered the show hall wearing “diamond” tiaras! Les Martin, Guest of Honour, presented each lady with a bouquet of flowers and a ceramic beaker sponsored by him and his wife Pat.

The show received a drop in entry, demonstrating the fact that fanciers had not yet restored their confidence in showing after the fear of the virus at such an early show, and the fact that five of the judges are regular exhibitors. Regardless of the drop in entry the atmosphere was pleasant and enjoyable with old friends meeting again socially after the cancellation of last year’s show season. It was also disappointing that there were no junior exhibitors. Apart from our regular fanciers from Scotland, Wales and Jersey, who travelled long distances to be with us, we also had the pleasure of our regular overseas visitors from Holland & Germany.

The show received its usual sponsorship from Rosettes R uss, who sponsored the rosettes for the show as well as from Les & Pat Martin who sponsored the cost of the ceramic awards to the judges and the BOC winners. Other sponsorship was also received from Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser, June Cox and rosettes from BRASEA (Australia). Fanciers were generous with their donation of birds for the raffle and the Show Committee extends its sincere gratitude to the following: S & R Clarke, Mrs. J. Hill, C & D Jones, D. Moss, G & P Norris and Wells & Chivers.

The Budgerigar Society continued its support to the Specialist Societies by granting special patronage with grade “A” challenge certificates in both adult and young bird sections. The six specialist societies, the ten area societies and Budgerigar World gave special support, for which the committee extends its gratitude.

It was the show for champions this year as they won 20 of the 22 challenge certificates and 14 of the 22 CCs were awarded to partnerships, demonstrating the importance of partnership in the fancy.

Next year's show will be staged on 25th & 26th June (week 25) which is a week earlier as the show will be staged in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society’s Convention at Stoke Rochford Hall, Lincolnshire.


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Amos & Thumwood

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P Holliday

Bev. Hutt judged the Lutinos and awarded the adult C.C., best Lutino and best Redeye in Show to Amos & Thumwood with their beautifully shaped cock that sat well during judging.  Wells & Chivers had a quality hen of good colour in second place followed by another hen from the novice section belong to J. Mitchell.

Pete Holliday won the award for best Lutino young bird with a quality hen staged in good condition that showed itself well while judging. G. Pugh from the beginner section staged a good coloured cock in second place followed by I. Saunders’ Lutino cock in third place.

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Amos & Thumwood won 3 CC's. with their Lutino being awarded Best Red-eye in Show

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H W & M Hough

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D & B Bunyan

Marion Wixon judged the Albinos and it was the partnerships’ turn to win both CCs. She awarded the Best Albino in Show and the adult C.C. to Bill & Malcolm Hough to a good all round cock with good head quality and style. A large hen with good blow belonging to J. Mitchell was in second place followed by Les & Pat Martin’s nice hen that was slightly out of condition.

Dennis & Beryl Bunyan won the young Albino award and Best Redeye Young Bird with a stylish cock of good length and colour. J. Mitchell was second with a good quality hen which was let down by blue suffusion. Mark & Hazel Richards were third with another stylish hen.


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Guppy & Barnes

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Hughes & Proctor

Lyn Bancroft judged both the Yellow-wings and Whitewings and picked the top award from the Whitewings and again it was a double for partnerships.

The adult yellow-wing award and Best Yellow-wing and Best Clearwing Any Age in Show went to Dave Guppy & Dave Barnes’ light green cock of good colour contrast and good size with head quality. Ben Dufosee occupied second spot with a dark green cock of good colour contrast. Craig Tipton was third with a dark green hen which was slightly out of condition.

The best yellow-wing young bird award was won by the Hughes & Proctor partnership with a promising light green hen, they also filled second spot with a dark green cock. D. Nicholson from the beginner section was third with a dark green hen of good contrast.

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Hughes & Proctor

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Hughes & Proctor

Hughes & Proctor won the adult Whitewing C.C. with an excellent whitewing violet hen with good depth of mask and width. Guppy & Barnes occupied second spot with a skyblue cock that lacked the condition of the winner. In third place was the novice D. Hancocks with a violet cock of good colour.

Phil Proctor (Hughes & Proctor) was very happy to win the third C.C. and that for Best Clearwing in Show at his last show prior to selling his entire stud; what a way to go! His whitewing skyblue hen came to the fore to win all the major specials. She had size and style that took her to the major award despite slight feather plucking on one wing. D. Nicholson was second with a cobalt hen followed by Ben Dufosee’s violet cock in third place.


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M & H Richard

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C & D Jones

Sue Clarke judged the Crests and awarded the adult C.C. to Mark & Hazel Richard's circular dark green cock, making their journey from Jersey worthwhile. An excellent quality bird and presented very well. The partnership also occupied second spot with a good-sized tufted mauve cock. Cliff & Darrell Jones were third with a circular cinnamon light green cock which was not in the condition of the first two birds. The Jones partnership also won the best any age opposite sex award with a circular cinnamon hen.

If there were a Best Young Bird in Show award then this would have been my choice for such an honour when the Jones partnership staged a large circular grey green cock to win the young crest C.C. and Best Crest in Show. This bird had size, width of face and very neat wide crest making it the best crest that I have ever seen. I understand this bird went on to win Best Young Bird in show at a championship show later on. Well-done Cliff & Darrell! The partnership also occupied second place with a circular yellow hen, which was not in the same league as their winner. The Richard’s partnership was third with a circular grey cock. M. Anzara benched the best tuft young bird.


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Bill & Malcom Hough

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Jerry Donovan

Janice Al-Nasser picked last year’s National BIS winner of Bill & Malcolm Hough as the Best Spangle in Show and the adult C.C. winner. This double factor spangle yellow cock is a large well-balanced bird of good colour and possessed good width of head and showed itself very well. Stan Johnson was second with a well-marked grey green cock with good blow. C & D Jones were third with a wide headed skyblue cock that pushed the first two winners but was let down by opalescence on back of head and neck. S. Johnson’s cinnamon skyblue hen was the best opposite sex any age in this section.

The young bird award went to Jerry Donovan’s well balance cobalt cock with good spangle spots. C & D Jones occupied second place with a cracking double factor yellow hen that pushed the winner for the award but for a blood quill on the front of its head. A skyblue hen of Alec & Dave Woan was third that had good spangle marking.

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Bill Hough (H.W. & M. Hough) with their Best Spangle in Show


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Les & Pat Martin

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M Hadley

Sue Clarke awarded Les & Pat Martin's cinnamon skyblue cock best dominant pied and best pied in show making them winners of these awards for the second year running. This was a clear wide headed bird with good frontal rise and width of face, a good example of variety markings and shown in excellent condition. J. Mitchell staged a nice long light green cock in second place but was let down by missing spot. S. Speed from the novice section followed with a well presented skyblue cock. Best hen was C & D Jones’ grey.

M. Hadley filled the first two spots in the young bird section. His light green hen was well presented and followed by his grey green cock, another smart bird and both birds were a credit to this beginner. A grey cock of J. Mitchell was in third place. There were no clearflights entered this year.


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Jim Rowe

 ybrecpied.jpg (25660 bytes)
M. Mitchinson

The recessive pieds were once again higher in number than the dominant pieds and Marion Wixon picked Jim Rowe’s grey green cock as the best recessive pied in show and best adult. It was so nice to see my old friend Jim coming back after so many years to reclaim his throne in this variety. This was a super bird with good head and shoulder and of good length and variety marking. Les & Pat Martin filled the next two spots with a bold cinnamon cobalt hen and a violet cock of good marking and depth of body colour. Best dark-eyed clear any age and best overall, a yellow cock, belonged to M. Mitchinson.

M. Mitchinson, intermediate, won the young bird C.C. for the second time with a stylish dark green cock of good variety marking. He also occupied second place with a good solid dark-eyed clear yellow cock of even colour. A good coloured dark green hen from Geoff Capes was third.

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Jim Rowe with his Best Recessive Pied in Show


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Jerry Donovan

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Jerry Donovan

Lyn Bancroft judged this variety and awarded a double to Jerry Donovan. His stylish adult skyblue cock was the best yellowface in show staged in good condition and well proportioned. Craig Tipton’s cinnamon grey cock of good head quality but lacking the condition of the winner was second which was followed by Findlay & Flavell’s rainbow violet hen which was also best rainbow in show.

A grey cock with good depth of mask and shoulder from the Donovan' stud took the young bird C.C.  Amos & Thumwood’s hen was in second place followed by another hen, a grey, from P. McGrath in third place.

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Jerry Donovan won the double with his two Yellowface cocks


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Amos & Thumwood

 ybrare.jpg (30038 bytes)
Les Cutler

Pat Norris judged the Rares and awarded a clearbody grey green hen the adult C.C. for Amos & Thumwood. This was a large bold bird that stood well but lacked spot size. P. McGrath was second with a clearbody skyblue hen of good head and blow but not the size of the winner. A large slate hen was in third place for Deamonn Mullee. Best opposite sex was a clearbody light green cock from Mark & Hazel Richard’s stud.

Les Cutler headed the young bird section with a clearbody light green cock of good size and colour, which went on to win the overall award. P. McGrath was second with a good headed clearbody grey hen followed by the Richard’s clearbody light green cock.

Best English Fallow, D. Mullee; Best Slate, D. Mullee; Best Clearbody, L. Cutler; Best Saddleback, Findlay & Flavell.


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Alec & David Woan

 ybaoc.jpg (22668 bytes)
Amos & Thumwood

Pat Norris awarded Alec & Dave Woan’s Lacewing yellow hen the overall winner in this section and best adult. This good coloured hen was a worthy winner with good deep mask and width of head, and stood well. The same partnership occupied second place with a grey yellow cock of good colour and size but was spoilt by its wing carriage. A good headed greywing grey green cock of Les & Pat Martin was in third place but lacked condition.

Amos & Thumwood headed the young bird section with a lacewing opaline yellow cock of good colour staged in excellent condition. The Woan’s partnership followed with a nice faced grey yellow hen. R. Bray was third with opaline cinnamon clearwing hen staged in good condition.

Best Olive, N. & J. East; best Mauve, C. Hawkins; Best Violet, J. Farham; best Lacewing, A. & D. Woan; best Greywing, L. & P. Martin; best Yellow, A. & D. Woan; best White, Hughes & Proctor; best Opaline/Cinnamon Clearwing, R. Bray.


Only one team was benched by A. MacVicar from Glasgow.

Best Of Colour Awards

Colour Any Age Young Bird
Lutino Amos & Thumwood P Holliday
Albino H W & M Hough D & B Bunyan
Yellow-wing Guppy & Barnes Hughes & Proctor
Whitewing Hughes & Proctor Hughes & Proctor
Crest M & H Richard C & D Jones
Spangle H W & M Hough J Donovan
Dominant Pied L & P Martin M A Handley
Recessive Pied J Rowe M W Mitchinson
Yellowface J Donovan J Donovan
Rare Amos & Thumwood L J Cutler
AOC A & D Woan Amos & Thumwood
Junior NA NA